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“My name is James Tucker of the MercurEx Corporation. I live in a world of privilege and influence. I move among the Bluezone’s glitterati and corporate executium. I am an überman, a technopreneur revered by my fans and my by fellow citizens. The truth is, most of all this I inherited from my late father, Frank Tucker.
I inherited his business. His connections. His friends.
And probably his insane, disarming charm.
But I’ve also inherited all of his problems.

His political baggage.

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His enemies.

And as it turns out I’ve apparently inherited my father’s own personal crime syndicate. A private army of slumlords and their goons. Where this gang’s loyalties lay I can’t say. All I know is that my world will never be the same again.

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So welcome to the human jungle, a place where life and death feed on just four basic ingredients; money, power, sex and fear.”

AHT cover - version 4 (ebook)

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